About Us

At Prideletics, our goal is to create high-quality clothing products that everyone can wear with pride. This campaign is meant to help us achieve our purpose to inspire moments of pride, spark authentic connections and, most important, build a community of support for all.


Hey, my name is Paul.

I spent a lot of time in 2017 really figuring out what drove me. After a couple hour-long showers, I finally figured out what motivated me.

  1. Sports and Fitness

  2. The LGBT Community

  3. Fashion and Style

That's how this was started. I'm an active member of the Minneapolis LGBT community and year-round I participate in various LGBT athletics. During the summer I partake in our softball league, the TCGSL. During the winter I play in our volleyball league.

It all started a couple years ago when my buddy Ben and I said "why not" and joined the TCGSL as free agents. We didn't know a soul in the league, but knew it would be fun to join and would introduce us to people.

Little did I know that simply joining this softball league helped me meet some of the best people I've ever met. Hundreds of people who loved sports like me. Hundreds of people who were LGBT like me. It was eye-opening.

This community has helped me grow as a person in ways I never thought I could. Growing up in a smaller town in Wisconsin was extremely difficult being gay and moving to Minneapolis showed me a new world. It saved me.

Prideletics is just a small step within the LGBT community to connect the athletic audience that exists and bringing it back to helping out others.

Our mission is to create athletic clothing you are proud to wear around your city, your gym or your house that celebrates who you are. In addition to our signature styles, we plan to release special edition shirts in partnership with various LGBT charities as a way of giving back.

The name is a combination of what this is exactly about. It's about having pride with who you are and the athletic mindset that this was created with.

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