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Andy (@ascruffygay)

"I'm proud to be part of the Prideletics family because I love supporting LGBT businesses and I believe the sports world is lacking in LGBT visibility and acceptance. By wearing our shirts proudly, I hope that others understand that they too can wear theirs either as an 'out' athlete or a supportive ally."


Kedzie (@kedziet)

"Sports have always been at the core of who I am, but I struggled with the homophobic environment they often created – even before I knew that I myself was gay. As I came out, I felt different and lesser among my fellow athletes, even when I was succeeding, and I always felt like I had to outperform just to be accepted. That's why I love Prideletics; they not only support our community, they bring visibility to LGBTQ figures in athletic settings. Sports are for everyone, and Prideletics showcases that beautifully."

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Evan (@midwest_evan)

"I love what Prideletics stands for and the support it shows for the LGBTQ community. We all come from different journeys in life but we are all one family that can never be torn apart. We will remain strong."

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Dirk (@fitwithpride)

"I am a fan of Prideletics because it's about taking pride in yourself and your capabilities, not just as an athlete but an individual. Pride comes out of self-acceptance and for me, I found self acceptance through my pursuits as an athlete. Prideletics represents the values that have helped me overcome my own struggles to succeed in and out of the pool."

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Corey (@corsquires_fit) 

"Prideletics lets me promote my love for health and fitness while showing my support for the LGBT community. It gives athletes like myself a way to express who we are and increase awareness through unique branding."

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Keith (@keithatl)

"I've learned being gay has many faces, but we are all badass. Be proud of who you are. Live the life you were meant to live."

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Luke (@luke3809)

"As an athlete, it's important for us to show that the LGBT community is an inclusive one. We strive to be an example to the next LGBT generations that being gay doesn't and shouldn't exclude you from playing sports or being an athlete."


Garret (@muscle_mountain_man)

"I'm proud to be part of Prideletics because I'm a gay man and sports and fitness are some of my biggest passions. Prideletics is about bridging the gap with sports and LGBT folks, which is awesome. I think LGBT people are finally realizing that gay is okay in any type of sport.. bought damn time."


Suzanne Beall (@The_Bealler)

“Sports provide us with a way to build bonds with friends across the globe, for those of us who are out of the closet, having Prideletics as a partner and support system reminds us that we are indeed advancing a greater cause one moment at a time.”

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