4 MLB Teams That Don't Have Pride Nights

Pride month has passed but that doesn't mean we can't keep talking about how prideful we are!

There are 30 Major League Baseball teams and 26 of them host Pride Nights to celebrate their LGBT fans (and/or make some extra money). That's a different debate though.

What's surprising are the four teams that don't host a pride game in their city. From first impressions, half of them are in super progressive cities so it seemed safe to assume there were LGBT celebrations at their MLB teams. I was wrong.

It all started with the Chicago Cubs in 2001, when they first started their "gay days" and the rest of the league slowly followed the trend.

New York Yankees

This was completely surprising to me that the Yankees don't have a pride night. New York City is quite possibly one of the most diverse cities in the US and I know that the gay community is quite prevalent. With the vast variety of people and how many different types of people go to the games, it was just shocking.

After further research, the Yankees don't have any sort of themed promotional nights. Maybe they don't need to focus on getting people to the games, because they are easily the most popular team in the MLB.

LA Angels

Another surprising one to me a team based in Los Angeles; the Angels. LA is also generally known for their gay community. Rather, West Hollywood or WeHo is infamously known for the gay community.

But c'mon Los Angeles? No pride night? Easily some of the most influential LGBT icons live on the west coast. Just have Trixie Mattel and Katya to announce the whole game and you're set. 

Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati, a city I have been to once and am just content about this one. When I think of Cincinnati, one of the last things I think about is the gay community. Frankly, Nick Lachey comes to mind because he lives and breathes Cincy and he had a reality TV show I used to watch. #NoShame

But I'm not very familiar with that area's LGBT community in general. I was in Columbus, Ohio recently and was taken aback at how prevalent the LGBT community was there. O-H-I-O.

Milwaukee Brewers

I'm from Wisconsin and am also just content about this one. Wisconsin is a fairly conservative state besides places like Madison, so I'm not the most surprised that there isn't an LGBT pride night at the Brewers games. I should call the GM at the Brewers though.

Miller Park easily has one of the best parking lot situations in all of sports because of all the tailgating that occurs. At least 99% of the people are drinking and having a fantastic time. What do gays enjoy? Drinking! Imagine all that income Miller Park. C'mon. Easy money.

What are you thoughts?

Do you think these teams should jump on the train and start hosting LGBT nights or are things great the way they are?

Better yet, just show up to the next baseball game and wave that flag with pride. Here are handheld ones that are easy to bring in!

Photo courtesy of Chanan Greenblatt