GSWS, Here We Come!

The Gay Softball World Series is less than a week away and I am unbelievably excited for it. What's this post about Paul? Why thanks for asking! This post is kind of a send-off post before we head out to the West Coast. Also, it's time for me to be a bit personal on the website again. I know a lot of people like my personal blogs a lot.

What's this photo above, Paul? Great question again! I was in Utah a couple months ago and went hiking through some things called mountains and a big piece of this trip I want to explore is more hiking. Why not give you a sneak peak at how butch I look when I'm hiking?

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I'm going to break things down now. I am going to be in Portland from Sep. 3rd until the 10th. That is a full week of vacation doing something I love; playing softball.

I went to the World Series in Columbus two years ago and honestly, it was one of my favorite trips of my life.

Mind you, I'm only 13 years old.

Just imagine hundreds upon hundreds of fellow athletes descending on a major city for a full week. The parties are so much fun. The people are all nice. It's just this massive community of people with one common interest; softball. But just because it's one of my favorite memories doesn't mean it was perfect. I mean, honestly 99% of it was.

Things I'm not excited for:

  • The people. Funny, right? As amazing as everyone is. It can become overwhelming with how many there actually are.

  • The weather (potentially). As of now, the weather says high 90s-100 degrees. Hiking around and playing hours of softball may be incredible exhausting so hopefully that isn't the case! On the contrary, it could also be raining (cough World Series Austin 2016 cough).
  • The driving. I'm not quite sure how bad the city is out there, but inconveniently, my hotel is about 30 minutes from the fields I'll be playing at everyday. It's not that bad, but going back and forth (to shower after the game and to get to the city or to go to the coast) may get exhausting. Someone tell me the traffic is fine and that Portlandians(?) are good drivers.

Things I'm excited for:

  • The people. I have never met so many amazing people in such a short span of time. There are people from all over the States I still consider my friends and it was from this amazing week.
  • The hiking. I am so excited to go hiking. There's a gorgeous gorge (teehee) and a waterfall that I need to see or I will cry out of upset-ness (that's a word).
  • The food and drinks. When you think of Portland you think of what? The breweries and wineries specifically! There are numerous of both in the area and as a fellow craft beer guy, it's been on the bucket-list to explore the city's drink culture.
  • Softball. DUH! It's the whole reason I'm going in the first place. Like I said earlier, it is so incredible seeing this many people with two common interests; sports and men. 

That's the list. Now on to packing. I know I'll be a last minute packer, but I did just buy a couple things that I know will be extremely helpful when I'm out there. A massive water bottle for the games. A Camelbak backpack for hiking. But I also bought this:

It's a sports towel that remains cold and keeps you refreshed. I swear by this thing when I'm playing sports in the heat.

Now I'm just counting down the days until this sporty vacation. I have been looking forward to this for the past couple of months and it's going to be an amazing trip. I will definitely have a recap post with the excitement.

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Let's also try to meet up. After doing some heavy research, take a look at my analytical findings below regarding how much fun you can have on the trip:

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