The ESPN Body Issue Is Back

100 gays screech in harmony: "JULIAN EDELMAN'S BUTT."

That's basically what I'm getting from this year's version of the famous (or infamous amongst men with masculinity issues) ESPN Body Issue magazine.

It's back - the magazine full of our favorite athletes displaying why they are better than all of us eating Doritos while reading this blog. This year, ESPN featured over 20 athletes in their birthday suits to show that everybody is different.

People come in all different sorts and sizes. You don't have to be a guy with rock hard abs to play a sport you love. You don't have to be 6'4" to be a professional basketball player. We are all different and embracing our differences is what makes us special. That's what I value from ESPN's Body magazines.

Yes, it's glorious looking at Chicago Cubs star Javier Baez like this:

But the sight of our favorite athletes naked is just a bonus to what these themed issues are about.

The Body Issue is not 100% accepted.

I see tons of people on Facebook who are complaining about seeing the covers grace their feeds. They're all complaining about "seeing a naked guy" on their screens as it's repulsive and disgusting. Yet, there's a slight double standard. What do people say when they see the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition come out?

ESPN is here to celebrate our differences and it's beautiful. This year features such a variety of athletes from all different backgrounds. We have Edelman, we have Baez, we have Cowboy's star Ezekiel Elliott and more. We even have the US Women's Hockey team.

Enough of my quick take though.

Take a look at the newly released ESPN Body Issue athletes here and let us know your thoughts. There are plenty of other guys and gals that are gorgeous in this year's edition. I just felt like highlighting a fellow burger lover / one of my favorite NFL players.

Oh and before you go, here's two more Edelmans for your pleasure:

Oh, and welcome to Prideletics.

Still figuring this whole thing out, but we've got ideas and the drive to make this happen.