Minneapolis Takes Portland (GSWS Team Breakdown)

The Gay Softball World Series (GSWS) take place over the week of Labor Day this year and jeez, Minnesota has 8 teams representing the passive aggressive state this year. From recent memory, Columbus as a host city was incredible for the tournament. Then there's Austin which we won't talk about because Mother Nature spited us.


The GSWS are taking place in the weirdest city in America. One full week surrounded by fellow gays from all over the nation to play one sport. This blog post is simply going to be introducing all you readers to each of the teams; some with really good looking jerseys, some with really good looking men. Minnesota's gonna kill it in Oregon.

In no particular order, let's begin.


C Division

Okay fine, you got me. The Steel is the team I'm playing with this year in Portland so they're first, oops. The black and red team is playing in the C division trying to compete against 2 other Minneapolis teams in the division.

What is there to know about the Steel? They can hit.

Every time my actual team has played them they just hit everywhere we're not. It's unbelievable. As an outfielder, I hate them. I mean, thank you for the cardio and everything but #overit. Good thing I'm on the team for the tournament.

Big Gay Moose

C Division

My all-time favorite TCGSL team name go to the very flashy Big Gay Moose; #moosepoop as I've seen it online. They are competing in the C division as well!

They can do everything. They can hit well. They can run fast. They can field perfectly. They can look good in hot pink.

This team is everything and definitely a favorite when it comes to tournaments, but my oh my, if we somehow play them and beat them.. I'll be in bliss.

Sorry Meese.


A Division

Frostbite are one of the best teams around and are playing in the A division for the tournament.

Assholes. Showing all of us up by jumping two divisions.

Haha, joking joking.

Always at the top of the entire TCGSL, the Frostbite are near perfect. In Minneapolis, we don't actually have an A division so they usually play in B, but they're that good to take on the better teams from across the US.



D Division

The 2017 newly created team, the Tops, are competing in the D division.

I couldn't find a real photo of them, but I did find a shot of their performance in our Miss TCGSL competition so this will work just fine. 

The new team is trying to end up on top of the competition. They're full of solid batters and quick-to-the-ball fielders.

And yes, I also don't believe they're all tops.

If you find yourself wanting to support the Tops, some of my friends have these masks to wear!


Perfect Storm

D Division

The easy-to-spot-in-that-blue Perfect Storm are competing in the D division managed by the wonderful Manuel Solano who had this to say:

It's an honor to represent TCGSL in D division for the 2nd year in a row at the GSWS in Portland. We hope to do better than we did last year.

We're on a roll. We finished 9th at the World Series last year, 5th in the Orlando tournament and 2nd at our Northstar Classic. We hope to come home with 1st place this year from the GSWS. The team has a great attitude and this is what we've been working for ever since we left Austin last year.

Good luck to the Storm and hope that eye heals up Manuel, haha.


B Division

The Freak, who are also really  good, are competing in B division this GSWS.

Brian Joseph (pictured at the tip-top and fellow Freak player) had this to say:

The Freak are very excited about this year's series in Portland. There has always been great competition in the B division, including many of them being my friends, and this year will be no different. While it will be a challenge, we would like to continue the momentum of the last two seasons and bring home a championship trophy.

Love it. The Freak scare me, but love it. Thank God I don't play them in the regular season.


C Division

The third team playing in the C division from Minneapolis are the Panthers.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times my regular season team has played the Panthers.

A lot.

The Panthers are the surprising team of the bunch. At first glance, a lot of the players are fairly small in size so you don't expect them to hit hard. Once they get going though, they will make the outfield run around for the entire hour. The team has a fair amount of people who hit to RF as well, so the outfield is constantly shifting for them and that plays to their advantage.

Ugh Panthers. I love you, but stop hitting to me in the outfield when we only have 3 outfielders instead of 4.


D Division

The Racers take speed and are trying to cross the finish line in the D division. Rev up your engines Racers.

K, done with the awful puns.

Anyway, the Racers with their signature checkerboard uniforms are up against Perfect Storm, Triceratops and the rest of 'em in Portland.

I honestly don't know much about the Racers, but they made it to the tournament so they're basically the best.

There you have it. The eight teams traveling to Portland this year for the tournament. Best of luck to everyone and be sure to get your practice in because the Steel will be the team to beat, most likely.




Photos courtesy of J.P. Irvine Photography