Welcome to Minnesota, Football Fans


It's Super Bowl LII week in Minnesota and we just wanted to take the time to say welcome to all the fans flying in. Somewhere around 1,000 extra planes are arriving for the big game which means a massive amount of visitors.

Get ready to embrace the cold. If only the big game were last weekend, when it was sunny and in the 40s. Nope, you have to experience subzero windchill while you're here to truly understand how it feels to be a Minnesotan.

Now with so much to do in Minneapolis, how are you going to prioritize how to spend your time?

We came up with a quick shortlist of things you will probably find us doing this week. Don't worry, this list will be different than all the others I'm sure you've read.


Mall of America

Because hot athletes are staying here

On a personal note, MoA (as the locals title it) is one of my favorite places on the entire planet. I used to commute an hour on light-rail to work there for a year. It is full of Super Bowl events and things to see. The Mall of America is basically being used as the media hub for the big game. If you spend a night or day walking around the mall, you'll find tons of different news outlets or radio stations (SiriusXM has a whole wing dedicated to their space) where you can listen or watch national broadcasts which is pretty cool.

The extra fun thing about MoA is that both teams are staying there. The Eagles are at one hotel on one end of the mall whilst the Patriots are at the other hotel. Tons of people are seeing players shopping, walking around, eating at restaurants on the 3rd floor and so on.

I mean, would you really be upset if you ever so casually ran into Julian Edelman?

Nope, neither would I.


The Saloon for RPDR: All Stars 3

Thursday, Feb. 1

Fun going out tip: most bars downtown are open until 4am in Minneapolis and we do have a pretty fun gay night life. The only problem is parking, but we'll talk about that in a moment.

Thursday night (Feb. 1st) at 7 am is episode two of Rupaul's Drag Race: All Stars. The Saloon, the most popular gay bar in the Twin Cities, hosts a spectacular live viewing party with food and drink specials. What's even better? There'll be plenty of out-of-towners for you to get all googly eyed at.

Seriously though, Bebe Zahara Benet (the winner of RPDR Season 1) is from Minneapolis and I was at the Saloon when it was revealed she was the 10th queen and everyone went nuts. We're passionate about Bebe and it's surely an experience. 


P!nk or Jennifer Lopez

The Armory

Two queens performing one night and then the night after. How can you not see the acrobatic, singing phenom P!nk or the always beautiful Valentina, I mean Jennifer Lopez.

That's all we have to say about that. Literally either concert will be a party.

P!nk performs first on Feb. 2nd with Jennifer Lopez dancing the night away on Feb. 3rd.

john-matychuk-393455 (3).jpg

Avoiding Downtown On Sunday

Because parking and traffic

Lastly, you probably won't find us downtown at all during the game due to traffic, but mainly parking. Parking is already pure insanity. A typical $5 ramp is now up for $50 which is insane. I don't even want to think about getting in and out of the city pre- or post-game.

If you want to explore Super Bowl Live in Minneapolis, try to go during the week as it'll be the least busy and parking/traffic won't be pure chaos.

Good luck to the Patriots and Eagles and fingers crossed I run into Julian Edelman, Gronk, Carson Wentz or some other hot player.

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