World Series Recap

After meeting so many amazing people in Portland, we've compiled thoughts from players who were there. And yes, the Twin Cities Steel are the cover photo for this post because they took home the gold. From loving the gameplay to enjoying the city when it wasn't in a cloud of smoke, here are what people said about this year's Gay Softball World Series:

"It's about being part of a bigger family that shares your passion- the play on the fields, the friends that you have made over the years and the new ones that you'll make during that week-it truly is #fortheloveofthegame."

- Greg (Minneapolis)

"The GSWS is such an incredible week and one I look forward to every year. It's a week to meet likeminded people from all over and reconnect with old friends who you met at previous World Series and other tournaments throughout the year. I love seeing cities come together to support each other. We compete against each other during the season, it's a time we can come together and cheer each other on! I also loved winning this year!"

- Bryce (Austin)

"A fun week of competition, camaraderie, and friends who travel across the country once a year to meet up and challenge each other on the field of play - and then grab drinks and tear up the town afterward exploring the social scene."

- John (Minneapolis)

"You go to play ball and hopefully win, but you quickly realize it is about enjoying the experience with friends, adding new friends and just having a good time."

- David (Madison)

"Our [Arizona Toros] experience was amazing! To see the celebration of athletes in our community was great! Also having the events all week was so nice to cater to everyone there representing their cities! The level of talent was amazing and the camaraderie on and off the field was special."

- Arizona Toros (Phoenix)

"Unforgettable life experience."

- Mark (Minneapolis)

"GROWTH - The GSWS is a constant representatino of growth as an event, an organization and representing as indivisuals. Being part of the GSWS allows others to become bigger than themselves and help perpetuate camaraderie in ehaltyh competition."

- C.J. (Austin)

"Breathing in a lot of smoke and lots of coughing.. oh, and some softball too!"

- Kevin (Minneapolis)

"The GSWS brings together so many athletes of different skill levels from around the country and Canada to one place. It's a really exhausting week, but you meet so many people and for me, I haven't laughed or sweat so much in a long long time."

- Tyler (Seattle)

"Portland was my second GSWS in which my team finished 2nd in the A division. Overall it was a great time! Seeing a new city and meeting people from all over the country was an amazing experience and I will gladly do it again next year. Hope to see everybody next year with even more intensity. #UnicornNation"

- Tommy (Orlando)

"Can't talk, I'm ashy."

- Josh (Minneapolis)

"One of the most fun weeks I've ever experienced. The friendships that were formed, the beer that was drank, the games that were played.. it all added up to this incredible week. I will never forget it. It also was a plus that my team got 1st in the C-Division. I'm a world champion mom!"

- Paul (Minneapolis)

Why yes, I ended the quote-list with my own. How could I not? Seriously though, the World Series this year was unforgettable and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it. Until next year!

And for those of you still coughing your lungs out.. these are my favorite.